Comunify keeps everyone in the loop.

When the grandma of Comunify founder Kieran Costello made the decision to relocate to an aged care facility, his family got to work researching what was available.

No matter the price, the location, the care provided… there was one thing missing from all care providers.

There was a communication gap between the facilities, the residents and their communities. Old fashioned paperwork and forms ruled the process. Nobody knew how to keep each other updated on family visits, events or when residents were leaving on day trips.

So Kieran decided to do something about it.

Comunify is the only app that connects care facilities to their residents and the community that supports them.

Everyone’s kept in the loop with a community notice board, shared calendars and a simple ‘check in / check out’ process.

The best thing is, it’s all kept in the one place. Everyone in the community remains accountable with instant notifications, helpful reminders and facility updates.

Our mission is to help communities provide excellent care for the people we love.